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Our team is relentlessly focused on producing the highest quality product for your users. We love designing, developing, testing, tweaking, learning, and playing with apps. All of this passion is funneled into building the best end product for your customers and clients.

We are founded on the principles of integrity and excellence. When we take on a project, we treat it as if it's our very own app. You'll always get our honest feedback and questions, because more than anything – we want you to succeed.

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Social Impact

5-10% of our time is spent on no or low cost apps for social justice and non-profit companies

We at BlueLine Labs feel that part of our responsibility as people is to give back to our community and the world. We want to use our skills and expertise to help social injustices locally and globally. The problem is that app development is expensive. Most non-profits, social justice companies, and charities cannot afford this service, but would benefit greatly from a mobile app. This is why BlueLine Labs is committed to spending 5-10% of our time on no or low cost apps for social justice companies and non-profit organizations.

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