Our Process

Phase 1: Product Development
Problem Analysis
1. Problem Analysis
You've identified a problem and figured out a way to fix that problem. We'll get to the core of the problem as a starting place for your app.
Problem Analysis
2. Growth Strategy
In order to be successful you need people to use your app. We'll develop a growth strategy to help you get more users and more revenue.
User Interviews
3. User Interviews
The best place to find out what features your users need, is from your users. We help you craft interview questions and user strategies, and then analyze the results.
Build Requirements
4. Build Requirements
Once we know the problem, growth strategy, and features your users need, we'll then build the requirements for development.
Phase 2: Project Development
1. Design/UI/UX
Mobile Apps are all about the user. They must be beautiful in appearance, offer an excellent experience, and have an intuitive interface. We make apps that do exactly that.
App Development
2. App Development
We build fully native iOS and Android apps and any necessary backend integrations. Our developers work closely with the design team every step of the way to create a seamless app.
Quality Assurance
3. Quality Assurance
We thoroughly test every app while it’s being developed and whenever a feature is complete. We place the highest value on excellence in our apps, and we track and resolve all issues that arise in development.
Feature Validation
4. Feature Validation
It's not enough for us to just deploy an app and walk away. We help you validate that users are loving your app through usage stats and analysis. We want every part of your app to add to your growth.

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